Discovering Bangalore: A treatise on My First Visit

Bangalore / February 18, 2014 -- Not until I was 21 did I realise what I was missing, by not visiting Bangalore (one of the most beautiful cities in South India). It was in the month of May last year,  after I was done with my Semester exams, I decided to make my first trip there to attend an Agro-Business meet conducted by the government of Karnataka. Though the Meet did not turn out to be what I expected it to be, It brought me close to a city as beautiful as none, I have seen thus far. The beautiful "Garden city" - BANGALORE.

Discovering Bangalore: A Brief treatise on My First Visit

I found that one of the most pleasing things about bangalore is it's moderate climate. Most of the time in a year, it won't bother you at all. I felt it to be a lot better compared to that of Hyderabad (which resembled an Industrial boiler, especially in the month of May) which I was used to till then.

The second best thing I came to like about bangalore is the helping nature of bangaloreans.After I reached the Majestic bus station, I asked one of my fellow passengers in butler kannada about the bus I had to board to reach the venue of the Meet. He understood my difficulty and told me that he could understand telugu and it's OK if I spoke in telugu. He didn't want me to feel uncomfortable which was really nice of him.When I was returning from the Meet after 9 p.m, one biker was so generous as to give me a ride even at such a late hour.

You will have more than your hands full if you want to go sight- seeing and enjoy roaming the city, from historical places like Bangalore palace, Tippu Sultan's summer palace, St. Basilica church.. and many beautiful gardens and parks like Cubbon park, Lal Bagh and dazzling malls like Ubct, Phoenix along with several places of scientific interest like HAL aerospace museum, Visweswarayya science museum..etcThere is more than a plateful for everyone, no matter what you are looking for.

One more thing which you will really like about the city is the availability of small parks in every block of the city so as to enable people to jogg and walk regularly. This really is something which will be of great interest to daily joggers. Also, let me assure you, jogging is a pleasure in bangalore.

Like any city, it too has a few setbacks. If you find bikers riding on the footpaths, during peak hours in many parts of the city, please don't be surprised. As the roads are very narrow  in most of the areas compared to the volume of traffic, it's a common sight there. Just as in most of the metropolitan cities in India, roads will be filled with water even if there is a slight to moderate rainfall. Apart from these little setbacks, bangalore is really a beautiful city. I am presently living in bangalore and really enjoying it.

If you still haven't been to bangalore, book your tickets for the coming weekend, pack your bags and get ready to make an awesome trip to a city, which  you shouldn't be missing.

Article by:  Pramod B.V.


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