Call Center & Customer Care Services in Bangalore

Call center and Customer Care Service is an IT Enabled Service which provides Services over data network or telecommunication lines. Call Center enables you to get information from where ever you connect. Call Center is a Conveying/hosting location that Transmits, Receives, Processes & Delivers information to the end user. Basically Call Centers are classified into various types based on their functionality or operating features as below: Inbound Call Center, Outbound Call Center, Blended Call Center, Contact Center, CRM Call Center, Telemarketing Call Center & Telephone Call Center & Web Call Center or Virtual Call Center.

Bangalore call centers and customer care servicesLet us know what are the Main Functions of a Call Center are.. The Main functions or operating features of a Call Centers are providing Customer Service and Technical Support, Sales lead generation via Telesales, Telecom Services, Data Processing, Back Office Operations, Conducting Research and Surveys, Collecting and Dispatching Services. On overall A Call Center is that which provides help and support Customers Online On time On Demand Services like orders, requests & queries.

Call Center provides Customer Support Services through a Contact Center via Call Center Agents who takes orders, requests & queries & fulfills them through Call Distribution in a Queue pattern.

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