About Bangalore (Bengaluru)

Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka, a southern state in India. Kannada is its local language. Bangalore has owned many names by its Geographical, technological, Socioeconomically growth status, Virtue & Cultural heritage. Bangalore took the name of "INDIA'S SILICON VALLEY" because of IT Revolution and Fast Pace IT Development in India. Thus, Bangalore from technological and economical point of view became IT Hub, High Tech Capital and Electronic Capital of India.

Many legends & concepts are associated with the name Bengaluru. Bangalore original name was Bengaluru as per history. As per historians, "Bendakalooru" was the origin word for Bengaluru. Bendakalooru is a Kannada word which in English means "the town of boiled beans". According to the concerned history & historians.. a king Hoysala Vira Ballala in the late 14th century went on a hunting expedition & the King Vira Ballala lost his way near Yelahanka. He wandered & wandered & got strayed. In that hungry moment an old woman offered King Vira Ballala the boiled beans.

And the King felt the cordialness & generosity of the old woman & named that place as BENDA KAAL -OORU which means "town of boiled beans", which later on transformed into BENGALURU which further took the anglicized form as BANGALORE. Besides this legend, one more related concept associated with the name Bengaluru was: Bengaluru name was found on Ganga inscription, which states about a battle that took place in 9th century A.D. The Ganga inscription stone was found in a village named Begur, where the battle held & which is about 14 KMs to Bangalore.

As per another supposition, Benga or Venga trees are found mostly in this region, so the name Vengaluru which on time lapse became BENGALURU. Bengavaluru means “the City of Guards” in Old Kannada (Halegannada). As per another supposition, Kempegowda a feudatory king of Vijayanagara Empire has built the new town in 1537, but it was believed that the town has been built after burning the forest. Thus, the town was called as Benda Kadu in Kannada which means burnt forest & uru means village. Benda Kaduru on further gradually changed to Bengaduru & at last got coined as BENGALURU.

By virtue & culture, Bangalore is known by the name of Garden City as it carries the heritage of Mughal dynasty, Lal Bagh & also many parks that adds not only aesthetic beauty but also evergreen grandeur look to the city. Cubban Park is also one of the famous Parks of Bangalore. Cubban Park has a wide collection of statues & has a public library.  Kariappa Memorial Park is widespread to about 22 acres & has an artificial waterfall that attracts birds. Lalbagh is also known as Botanical Garden. It has a Glass House. All these parks of Garden City gives a lung space,  & acts as oxygen zone for the locals, joggers & as well as for tourists.

From cultural heritage point of view: Bangalore is The City Center for Classical music, dance and theatre as these Concerts been held throughout the year. In Bangalore international rock concerts are held most prominently, because of which Bangalore is highlighted as Pub Capital & Rock/Metal Capital of India.

Bangalore's Kannada film industry give's its share to Indian Cinema by making 80 films per year. Bangalore city even till date celebrates its own unique oldest festival "Karaga Shaktyotsava" or Bangalore Karaga. Besides this, City celebrates Deepavali, Sri Rama Navami, and Ganesh Chathurthi & Navarathri.

Bangalore city uniqueness lies in its climatic condition that is preferable as the temperature will be mostly moderate which means even in the summer the hottest April month too has registered temperature of not more than 32-35 degrees only & that too at a height of 900 m (2953feet) & it’s on southern part of Deccan plateau which shares the border with the states Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. Bangalore because of its mild climate, gardens, parks, lakes, educational research institutions, international IT & Biotech companies, Public sector units, automotive industries, shopping malls, restaurants & pubs became a Dream city of opportunities. Thus, Bangalore has become a cosmopolitical region.

Bangalore, because of its geographical, socio & economical status got the name of Pensioners Paradise. Bangalore is the India's Fifth Largest City, the others being Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi & Chennai. Bangalore population as per 2011 census is 8.5 millions, thus this city has become SOUTH INDIAN MEGA CITY & the largest metropolis.

Bangalore is the center for textile, silk and heavy industries like Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL), Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML), Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT), Indian Telephone Industries (ITI) and knowledge-based production facilities like Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL).

The first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru dreamed to turn Bangalore as The Intellectual Capital of India & City of Future, that dream now has become a reality and now Bangalore is standing as the witness as The City of Dreams. Thus, Bangalore is known by the name Metal Capital of India. Beyond Public sector heavy industries Bangalore owns technology and Biotechnology companies, defense and aerospace organizations; many recognized Educational Research Institutions of India & automotive industries too.

Bangalore city has many modes of public transportation which comprises of Road ways, Air ways, Indian Railways & Rapid Metro Transit. Road way public transportation is through BMTC's Volvo buses, City Taxis & Auto-rickshaws. Bangalore International Airport runs Air ways since 24th May 2008 & been registered as the fourth busiest airport as per ATMs: Air Traffic Movements being 280 passengers each day. Indian Railways connects Bangalore to other cities of Karnataka & also to other major cities of India. For Bangalore's intra-city or city's internal transport a rapid transit system named "The Namma Metro" has been started with an underground rail network of 41 stations, which connects City central locations to Devanhalli & Chikballapur.

Beyond the parks in Bangalore, there are many sightseeing places of attraction. One such attraction is Bangalore Palace known as Guttahalli Palace that reminds the royal times of Wodeyars of Mysore is a must visit place. Isckon temple serves the holy pilgrimage imbibing holiness & inculcating worship in the hearts of locals & visitors too. And as must not missing spots in Bangalore are Hebbal Flyover, one of the India’s largest fly over which is 8.5 KMs, Twin towers, Brigade Road, Commercial Street shopping paradise & the Big Banyan Tree. The flower shows at Lalbagh that are organized every year on Independence Day & Republic day with 35 lakhs amount is the most refreshing event that reminds the Bangalore city’s name “Garden City” as PURELY APT. There are many outing & trekking spots around Bangalore, to name few are Skandhagiri hills, with remnants of fort, Makalidurga fort & Chikmangaluru.

Tourists feel that the journey is incomplete if they doesn’t visit the other attractions of Bangalore which are: Bannerghatta National Park, Vidhana Soudha, Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum, Hesaraghatta Lake, Bellandur Lake, Ulsoor Lake, HAL Aerospace Museum, Bangalore Aquarium, Bangalore Fort, Devanahalli Fort, Hebel Lake,St. Mary's Basilica, Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace, Basavanagudi, Bull temple, Shivasamudra falls, Dodda Ganapathi  temple, Pyramid Valley,  Sankey Tank, Indhira Gandhi Musical fountain.


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